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Soundscape For Guide Dogs

These soundscape are designed to help dogs get acclimated to certain noisy environments and distracting sounds. These soundscapes feature local recordings from Melbourne, Australia.

NOTE: Unlike other libraries on this site, these sounds are not for commercial use.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You’re welcome to use and share these sounds so long as you do the following:

  • Attribution: Please be sure to credit me/link back to me.
  • Non-Commercial: You cannot use these sounds (or even parts of them) in a commercial product. (i.e. This stuff is meant to be free. Don’t make money off it!)
  • Share Alike: If you do make a remix of any sort, you have to share it in kind! This started as a free resource and it’s derivatives must be free too.

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Workers loading up a rubbish truck.


Sounds of rubbish/recycling trucks pulling up, idling, driving away. Lots of potentially threatening rumbles and sudden loud noises from machines and rubbish being tossed in bins. The bin  and birds recordings are from Melbourne, but the trucks are a mix of different vehicles, but it should be in the right ballpark. (8 minutes)


E-Class Tram popular in Melbourne


Mostly exteriors. Some interiors. Includes passbys, getting on/off, door sounds, arriving/departing, some announcements and passenger chatter. Features a number of tram models, but this was recorded at a time when the E-Class trams were less prolific than they are today. (16 minutes)


Various cars on a busy Melbourne street.


This is a more wide ranging audio tour of Melbourne. Features multiple locations in including Exhibtion Street, Southern Cross and outside Flinders. Lots of car ambience, chatter in various languages, car horns of different models and a couple of emergency service sirens. (12 minutes)


A motorcycle in the middle of traffic.


Features general city bustle with several motorcycle and tram passbys. This recording is a composite of recording from Chinatown and Luna Park. It was recorded during the March lockdown so there’s minimal crowd chatter. (26minutes)


A red lawn mower on freshly mown grass.


Whoever lives next door is busy today. Starts with mowing the lawn, moves onto saw noises and finally…are they cutting tiles now?!? (7 minutes)


A deep construction pit filled with various heavy machinary.


Lots of various machines and tools throughout; lots of sustained and percussive noises. (8 minutes)


The familiy blue, yellow and white colour scheme of a Melbourne train interior.


First couple minutes are quiet and just train rumbles. Second half has lot of commuter chatter. (4 minutes)


A dusty looking train at a small station.


Waiting at train station. Sounds of boom gates and commuter safety gates, train passbys, train horns and so on. Think of a station like Burnley. (2 minutes)


A city train packed full of commuters.


We start in the concourse of Flinders St Station and all the associated sounds, before going down the escalators and sitting and listening to trains arrive and depart. Lots of city hum, crowd chatter, train noises and announcements. (14 minutes)


A packed football stadium.


The cries of an enthusiastic crowd. Recorded at the MCG at an AFL game. (6 minutes)

Photograph by Amy Gillard