Sound Libraries

AFL Football Crowds

Over one hour of football crowd reactions – from shock to elation to disappointment to jubilant cheering.

Soundscape For Guide Dogs

These soundscape are designed to help dogs get acclimated to certain noisy environments and distracting sounds. These soundscapes feature local recordings from Melbourne, Australia.

Contact Mic River

This is a free library recorded by submerging contact microphones in a rushing river to produce immersive, hydrophone style sounds.



Liquidation is a liquid texture library covering everything from water to slime to fizzes and bubbles.

Human Stampede

Human Stampede was recorded across multiple marathon races and captures the sound of footsteps of large crowds of runners.

Rural Australia

Rural Australia is a library collecting my best material from roaming around regional New South Wales. (more…)


Swordfighter is a robust package with sharp sounding swords with plenty of variations and extras. (more…)